Darren Ritchie
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  • 2016
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Darren Ritchie

The first and only Maritimer to win the Canadian Amateur Golf Championship (1992) is Darren Ritchie of Hampton. His victory was made even more impressive by the fact that he had been diagnosed with malignant melanoma just three months prior to the competition. Ritchie’s response to this emotional and physical burden was to have the greatest year in golf history for this province.
To win the Canadian Amateur Championship, he beat Mike Weir (Masters Champion); Doug Roxbourgh (4 time champion); and Graham Cooke (3 time Team Canada Member). Ritchie won 2 NB Amateurs, 1 mid-Masters, 4 NB Best Balls and 40 Invitationals around the province.

Quick Facts

• Won the Canadian Amateur Golf Championship in 1992; the first Maritimer to do so
• To attain the CAG Ritchie beat Mike Weir (Masters Champion) and Doug Roxbourgh (4-time champion)
• Responded to cancer diagnosis by earning the greatest year in golf history for NB
• Won two NB Amateurs, one Mid-Masters, four NB Best Balls and forty Invitationals around the province

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